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2015 Sealed With Recognition

Henderson (Nevada), March 1st, 2016 : This Award was presented to an elite of peak performers, including myself, during the North American PRNewswire Sales Conference for the commitment consistently demonstrated to the principles of the PRNewswire Performance Pyramid.

.@CNWGroup Presents: Rob Cribb, investigative journalist, in #Halifax on October 16

Join CNW for a Breakfast with the Media event as we host Robert Cribb, Haligonian and award-winning investigative journalist with the Toronto Star for a presentation on how journalists research in-depth stories and how organizations can respond to potential public... Continue Reading →

TSX continues its endorsement of CNW for newswire and webcast services #pressrelease #communiqué

Toronto Stock Exchange continues its endorsement of CNW for newswire and webcast services January 6, 2015 TORONTO, January 6, 2015 – CNW and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) announced today that TSX will continue its endorsement of CNW for its newswire... Continue Reading →

Why you need @CNWGroup #Translation

CNW is Ready for CASL CASL-Ready News Release Distribution Options CNW Newswire – The newswire is hands-down the easiest way to distribute news releases to the best possible audience and in complete compliance with CASL. CNW's newswire feeds content directly into newsroom... Continue Reading →

CNW Group just introduced a new monitoring platform that allows Marketers and PR Pros to track, analyze and engage in conversations taking place online. CNW Social Monitoring subscribers can: Know what's being said online about a brand, company, spokespeople, clients or competitors... Continue Reading →

CNW’s New Content Marketing Delivery Solution

Leveraging the exclusive audience building tools that have helped make CNW Canada’s leading newswire, the ARC is the only all-in-one content marketing solution that provides your story with guaranteed views. Utilizing a strategic multi-channel distribution that includes : comprehensive newswire... Continue Reading →

CNW Telbec hosted its Annual Breakfast with the Media Conference

On April 17th, CNW Telbec welcomed over two hundred guests, all enthusiastic to meet with Patrick White, Editor and Chief of Le Huffington Post Québec. Among the highlights of the event: Outstanding Speakers: Patrick White and Guillaume Brunet; Montreal's community... Continue Reading →

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