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2015 Sealed With Recognition

Henderson (Nevada), March 1st, 2016 : This Award was presented to an elite of peak performers, including myself, during the North American PRNewswire Sales Conference for the commitment consistently demonstrated to the principles of the PRNewswire Performance Pyramid.

A wolf among sheepdogs: the delicate journalism – PR relationship

Blog post contribution by Mark Inglis You wouldn’t imagine a wolf, in front of a room full of sheep dogs, would be very comfortable. There’s always tension when known enemies are put face-to-face, but on Friday, journalist Robert Cribb was at... Continue Reading →

.@CNWGroup Presents: Rob Cribb, investigative journalist, in #Halifax on October 16

Join CNW for a Breakfast with the Media event as we host Robert Cribb, Haligonian and award-winning investigative journalist with the Toronto Star for a presentation on how journalists research in-depth stories and how organizations can respond to potential public... Continue Reading →

@CNWGroup #Montreal Breakfast with the Media

CNW hosted this morning a Breakfast with the Media event in Montreal with a panel discussion about how online news is reshaping the Canadian media landscape. Speakers: Eric Latour, Media Manager Yann Pineau, Directeur principal, Amélioration continue, à la rédaction... Continue Reading →

The Skills You Need to Succeed in Sales

by Lynette Ryals and Javier Marcos The practice of business-to-business selling is in a curious state. On the one hand, commentators and academics are repeatedly telling us that transactional selling is outmoded and that relational selling is the ‘new normal.’ On... Continue Reading →

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