Canada Newswire, a Cision company and a global leader in public relations and marketing software solutions, announced recently the launch of Guaranteed Paid Placement, an upgraded version of its Sponsored Placement solution. This innovative offering, powered by Nativo, allows clients to simultaneously employ earned and paid media opportunities by seamlessly converting their press releases into native articles that can be strategically placed across premier online publications, allowing them to reach and engage their target audiences more effectively.  

“PR Newswire is committed to consistently delivering market-leading innovation to our clients,” said Nicole Guillot, Cision COO and President of PR Newswire. “The expanded reach and capability of Guaranteed Paid Placement is a prime example of how PR Newswire’s solutions empower our clients to elevate their visibility with the right audiences in the most credible publications.”

Cision Unveils Guaranteed Paid Placement, Providing Clients with Unmatched Visibility and Control over their Brand’s Story

Cision partnered with Nativo in the United States and with Stackadapt in Canada. The offer is different for both markets, but if you are looking for more eye balls to your content, in a VERY competitive space, this is a great option for you to consider.

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