Sometimes it seems that reaching out to media can be an impossible task to accomplish… That sending a press release will not get you anywhere or that journalists are inaccessible individuals (in 2012 social media super stars).  True? Maybe not…

However, it is important to understand the following : newsroom actors work long hours, have extremely tight schedules, their agenda can change quick and dramatically, while they still need to produce interesting/hot story that will sell print or air time… (and this explains why they would always ask to have the exclusivity of your story…)

Nonetheless, sometimes we can be very lucky of their generosity and have their exclusivity!

This morning a group clients and I, we had the privilege to meet with the Information Director of La Presse’s Newsroom.  Mr. Mario Girard was very kind to introduce us to their dynamic working environment.  From story research and selection, video production, photo assignments, exclusive interviews,  etc.  All to create the notorious Newspaper that you’ll read tomorrow morning and continuous content fed to different platforms, such as website, newsletter, feeds and mobile apps.

Lesson learned: as a public relations practitioner if your spoke person (Company President) refuses an interview, do not play hide and go seek;  just say he cannot comment on the issue at the moment… Be frank! Be transparent.

Understanding workflow
La Presse, 25 octobre 2012
Rencontre avec M. Mario Girard, Directeur de l’information à La Presse