First things first, allow me to inform you that I am not an expert internal communicator; although in 2003 I implemented several communications strategies for the employee social club within a large corporation with the main objective of motivating and engaging the employees to participate in their employers social events.

Having stated the above, here is what I can say about my experience with internal communications: first, try to make it exciting without the feeling that it is a restricted platform based on cautious upper management guidelines that must be followed by the letter, and secondly, disclose just enough information to initiate the employees to engage in the discussion of their employer’s upcoming decisions and initiatives.

Next week I will have the opportunity to attend the 9th edition of Internal Communications hosted by the Canadian Institute or Intitut Canadien for the Quebec market.  With a highly regarded list of speakers stepping forward to share their experience and expertise as communicators working on the other side…”the corporate side”, the side I liken to the technicians working backstage before the show begins…

I will be attending this conference with an open mind and I look forward to stepping into a world that is perhaps less glamorous then the offerings of the external communications and marketing worlds, but following this two day event I hope to bring something new to my next blog post.

If you are curious about this event or would like to attend, please visit the Canadian Institute at