Summer is officially over,  a new season begins and new ideas comes to mind.  And so, I decided to focus and set priorities when it comes to my interactions on the web:

  • The French version of my blog, which was actually a second blog, was officially deleted.  However, I will continue to write in French and when I do so the posts will be archived in the French page of this blog.
  • Using several social media chanels can be fun but require some time, that I feel these days, is not a luxury I can afford.  And so, I opted for a different tool that I am enjoying a lot, called Seesmic.  It allows me to manage and spread messages simultaniously on Facebook, Linkedin, and of course Twitter, while giving me the chance to see where my contacts are registered on Foursquare, keep eye open on Linkedin and see who has been  promoted or whom my contacts have made connections with.  All in all, a very useful and well designed tool, better than TwetDeck in my opinion, but please allow me to explain: Recently, TwetDeck started to gave up on me, perhaps a new software version is in the making but I can not wait and with 250 000  applications that allows you to manage your Tweets, the barre is high.  What’s greater about it, is that Seesmic has a Web based portal that is ligther than the application itself and will not slow down your computor!  Thank you Seesmic’s creators for making my life easier and social media interactions effective and fun.
  • The Quebec Latin-American Chambre of Commerce honoured me by offering me the Vice Presidency of the association yet with so many projects in mind, I declined the offer but will continue to support them and volunteer whenever possible.  I trully believe they will suceed by reaching the objectives they have set in place, supported by a devoted and motivated team.   At their last and first networking event of the season, I had the pleasure to MC the event hosted at Square Phillips Lounge.  The event’s response was a success!  Over 150 participants attended and enjoyed connecting among a young and motivated group of professionnals.  Check out some photos of the event and juge by yourself!  CCLAQ’s Event Photos by Chamsi Dib Photography and do not miss their upcoming event on October 6th.  For more details you can consult my Networking Page or visit their website at
  • Last but not least, I will be presenting once more to McGill sudents on October 4th and continue with my daily occupations at CNW as well as working on a personal project dear to my heart.

Keep in touch and next time you see me at an event come introduce yourself!  It’s a world of endless business opportunities… Communication is the Key!